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Shiro's Sushi Station Goals

Shiro's Sushi Station Goals

Minimum Mastery Star Requirement: 60 Mastery Stars

Sushi Apprentice
Buy and finish the Sushi Master Station
Serve 1 Salmon Nigiri
Collect from the Water Pump 3 times
Rewards: 4 Tuna, 5 Seaweed and 10 XP

Fatty Paddy
Buy and finish the Rice Paddy Planter*
Earn 1 Mastery Star on Fatty Tuna Nigiri
Craft 1 Sushi Roll on the Rice Rinser**
Rewards: 1 Giant Tuna, 5 Seaweed and 10 XP

*: The Rice Paddy Planter will allow you gather 1 Short Grain Rice per harvest. You can have up to 3 Paddy Planters in your restaurant.
**: The Rice Rinser allows you to craft Sushi Rice, Sushi Roll or Wasabi

Slice, Rice and Bowl
Buy and finish the Wholesale Station***
Craft Tuna on the Wholesale Station
Earn 1 Mastery Star on Chirashi
Rewards: 1 Giant Tuna, 7 Seaweed and 50 XP

***: The Wholesale Station allows you to craft King Salmon or Tuna

Limited Time Quest : The timer will last for 7 days (expires 12/21)

Rule the Salmon
Serve 3 Rainbow Rolls
Chef Serve Chirashi 5 times (Note: Click on the thought bubble with Chirashi to serve the dish to your customers)
Craft 1 Giant Salmon on the Wholesale Station
Rewards: 3 Sushi Rolls, 6 Seaweed and 15 XP

Sushi Rice Ritual
Tend the Water Pump 10 times
Have 2 Mastery Stars on Tamago Nigiri
Ask for 6 Bamboo Rolls
Rewards: 3 Sushi Rolls, 1 Giant Tuna and 15 XP

Rice Two Ways
Earn 3 Mastery Stars on Rainbow Roll
Cook 7 times with Rice Noodles
Craft 10 Sushi Rice on the Rice Rinser
Rewards: 5 Giant Tuna, 5 Giant Salmon and 2 Instant Thyme

Catering Guide

Here are all of the frequently asked questions about Catering in Chefville.

What is the minimum Mastery Star level for me to participate?
You'll need at least 10 Mastery Stars.

I have 10 Mastery Stars, but I don't see it yet. Why?
This is a brand new feature that is slowly rolling out to all of our players. Although our features are extensively tested before every release, there are some bugs that cannot be reproduced in a testing environment. This gives us the chance to find and fix these bugs before releasing it to everyone so that we can provide the best experience. We appreciate your patience and understanding.

What's in the initial Catering release?
There will be 1 chapter that consists of 6 Catering Orders. You will need to successfully complete the previous Catering Order before unlocking the next. There will be more Catering Orders in future releases.

Will I get my Catering Truck back?
You sure will! You will be asked to place the Catering Truck into your restaurant.

What does the Catering Truck do?
You can access the Catering Order interface by clicking on the Catering Truck.

Are the Catering Orders timed?
Yes, each Catering Orders will be timed.

Can I start more than one Catering Order at a time?
No, you can only have 1 active Catering Order at any given moment.

Can I have an active Catering Order while helping my friend with their Catering Order?
You sure can! You can help up to 10 of your friend's Catering Order at any given moment.

I am helping 10 neighbors already, but I'm still getting requests to join another friend's Catering Crew? Can I join? NEW
No, you can only help up to 10 neighbors at any given moment. If you try to join another crew, you will not join your neighbor's crew and they will not receive a notice.

Can I finish a Catering Order on my own? NEW
You can finish a Catering Order on your own, but you will be making this more difficult than it needs to be. The main goal of this feature is to play with your friends. Invite your active friends to join your Catering Crew so you can complete it together, faster, while saving ingredients, time and energy to obtain greater prizes than if you were to play on your own.

Can I recruit my friends to help me with my Catering Orders?
You sure can! Hire your most active friends and go for the gold!

What is best strategy to use for Catering Orders? NEW
The best advice for Catering is to accept crew members that are working on the same Catering Order you are currently working on. When you are cooking a dish for your own order, it will also count towards your friend's catering order. It's a WIN WIN situation!

How can I check my crew's contribution to my Catering Order? NEW
Hover your cursor over a crew member and their contributions will be displayed.

Can I remove inactive Catering Crew members?
Yes, you can remove inactive crew members.

Why should my friends help me with my Catering Order?
Helpers will receive a mystery reward ranging from Coins, Energy, XP, Ingredients or Limited Edition Items!

Why can't I see which orders my friends are working on? NEW
You must be part of your friend's crew in order to see which one they are currently working on.

Can I remove myself from my friend's Catering Crew? NEW
Click the "Help Friend's" tab and you can remove yourself from there.

Can I repeat a Catering Order if I don't get Gold?
Yes, you can repeat a Catering Order as many times as you like!

What are the prizes (for those who started the Catering Order)?
The Limited Edition Item varies depending on the Catering Order. You will receive a different Limited Edition item reward for the first three times you repeat the Gold status on a Catering Order. You will see the item before and after the Catering Order has been completed.

Will I get the same prize if I get another Gold on the same Catering Order?
No, you will receive a different reward for the first three times you repeat the Gold status on a Catering Order. You will see your prize in the Catering interface before you start the Catering Order.

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