Sunday, August 26, 2012

Ways To Get Roses & Recommendations

Roses & Recommendations are very important as they allow you to unlock new areas for your restaurant. The faster you expand your restaurant, the more customers you can have and the further you can progress through the game.

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3 Ways To Get Roses

#1. Collect From Rose Stand- First you must buy the Rose Stand from the Marketplace. Each time you collect from your Rose Stand you will be given 3 roses. Every 8 hours you will be able to collect these roses again. This is one of the best ways to obtain Roses in ChefVille.

#2. Get From Friends- When you do not have any Roses left, try to collect recommendations. You will see a screen selling roses or ask you to "request". Click request and you will be able to request roses from your friends. In most cases the more friends you have the more total roses you will receive.

#3. Buy With Cash- This is the third and most costly way of obtaining roses. You can simply buy roses for In-Game Cash (Which can be bought for real money).

I would first try #1 or #2 and use #3 as a last resort because no one likes paying for virtual items. The choice is yours though.

Getting Recommendations
Recommendations are necessary for unlocking new areas in ChefVille. To get recommendations you must spend Roses on customers. When customers come into you restaurant they will sometimes have a Rose icon hovering over their head. This can only occur when you have food to serve to your customers.

Once you spend a Rose on your customer it will cost your 1 Energy. So make sure you pay attention to your energy levels when trying to obtain recommendations. Also note that there is currently a 100 maximum limit recommendation for each ChefVille player so use them wisely.

Please comment below if you feel there is anything else important to note about Roses & Recommendations in ChefVille. Thanks For Reading!

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daphne chandler smith said...

there is a new way to get roses faster and that is simply going into a friends cafe and the first click you do is on the rose stall have your friends do the same for you it cuts the 8 hour wait down each time by 1 hour so if 8 friends click your stall you instantly get your stall ive done this all day works great so there is 4 ways to get the roses

Linda Welch said...

Thanks for this information Daphne, but how to you buy the rose stand when it is still locked in the marketplace?? (do you know what the criteria is to unlock???) I have been playing about a month now and the cafe is too full to get around. I need recommendations so that I can expand and roses are one of the ways to get them from your information. Also I believe form the Irish rainbow, but I am still trying to complete that. linda welch

Linda Welch said...

Thank you for the information Daphne regarding recommendations for Chefville. How to you obtain the rose stall in the marketplace when it is still locked??? I have been playing for approximately one month now and cannot move around the Cafe or complete goals without expanding. Place is now a mess. Please advise.
linda welch

Anonymous said...

does this really work.

Lallie said...

I Don't seem to be asked for roses by the customers, does that start at a certain level?
I have roses and the recommendations icon at the top. but I never receive any.

Lallie said...

Do you receive the recommendations at a certain level? I have roses and a recommendations icon at the top, but my customers do not seem to ask for roses? help

Anonymous said...

my customer dont have the little rose hoveringover them. how come?

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