Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Free Dough Freezer!

Once you get the Dough Freezer you can get Dough to make Pizzas with.

Steps To Getting The Dough Freezer

#1. Click The Link

#2. Go To Your Inventory And Place The Dough Freezer In Your Restaurant

#3. Unwrap The Dough Freezer 3 Times (Costs 3 Energy)

#4. Ask Friends For 2x Freezing Fundamentals and 2x Dough Directions. (You can also Buy All for 20 Cash)

#5. Once you complete the Dough Freezer you can collect Dough from it.

Hey guys here is the link to get a Free Dough Freezer ---> Link Here

Please comment below if you feel there is anything else important to note about the Dough Freezer in ChefVille. Thanks For Reading!

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