Saturday, August 25, 2012

ChefVille, Zynga's Newest Facebook Game!

ChefVille is a new Facebook game that can be play right on your browser. Once you create your Chef you then set out to create your very own unique restaurant. As you create new cuisines and expand your restaurant you will acquire you ingredients and recipes that can be shared among friends!

Just as with Zynga's other games (Farmville, CityVille etc.) you will be able to send and receive gifts among your ChefVille friends. Obtaining new ingreidents and recipes will allow you to progress further through the game.

One very unique element of ChefVille is that your accomplishments in the game will unlock real-world recipes that can be used in your real kitchen! These recipes will be e-mailed to you as you continue to cook and build up your virtual restaurant.

Check Out The Official Trailer Below!

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