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Mastery Stars Information

ChefVille Mastery Stars Frequently Asked Questions 

Mastery Stars are stars you earn from serving a particular dish several times. The more stars you earn on a particular dish, the more servings you'll get from that dish.
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How do you collect Mastery Stars?
To collect a Mastery Star, you must prepare a Dish several times. With each Dish you prepare, the mastery level for that Dish will increase. You can see how many stars a particular Dish has by clicking on the dish in the Cooking Menu. You will see the Mastery Stars for this Dish along with the earnings you will receive, on the right side of the window.

What effect do Mastery Stars have? 
The higher your mastery level of a dish, the more earnings you will receive when serving this dish. Mastery Stars also help you unlock expansions!

How do I find out how many Dishes I need to serve before reaching the next mastery level?
To find out how many Dishes you need to serve before reaching the next mastery level, simply hover your mouse over the Mastery Stars beside a particular dish.

Where can I see how many mastery stars I have earned?
You can find out your overall mastery level by looking at the top right corner of your game screen. The Star beside your Energy bar and your XP bar will indicate your current level

Can I see how many Mastery Stars my neighbors have?
Yes. To do so, just look at your neighbors in your neighbor bar. In the bottom left corner of your neighbor’s image, you will see how many Mastery Stars they have earned.

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